Richard MONSON an American boy was 16 years oldwhen he  was living with his parents at Urcel a small village at 20 km from the American base of Couvron in FRANCE where I was living too when I was not studiing at the high school of LAON . During the summer holydays in 1959  I was very happy to meet Ricky who was studiing at the american school of Verdun. We became realy very good friends and during many years we kept in touch, even after his going back to the USA because of his parents. Our love was very pure in this time; neither the distance nor the long time without being together never dampened our enthusiam and our love... Then one day when he was studiing at the university of Minnesota , College of forestry and Home Economics of St Paul, he sent me a short letter and told me that because of a big and a serious problem for his life he might have to leave for the north and ...It was the last letter that I receved on the 8 october of 1962... I have been very very "sad"... for a long time ...

I never forgot him  ...! It was a so romantic love of our youth

Is there somebody who could help me to get news of Ricky. I just would like to know what he became . Now we are both old (72 years old ) and he still stays my best friend . 

Please let me a message (  )and thank you so much for your help !


Josette JUPIN